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A day in the life of CEO...

A typical morning at work for Christian starts with a conversation with employees or partners in the office kitchen when he is sipping his morning coffee. Christian's strong networking skills are evident when he chats with the office staff about the trends in the technology, business start-ups or something interesting which he experienced in his recent travel. The casual chat soon takes the shape of an informal meeting which is generally an update by a business partner.

Today morning after meeting and greeting the employees in the kitchen at around 8.45 am, Christian settles in his office where he checks and answers his emails. He makes some phone calls to clients and partners. The customers are in different time zones and therefore there are always enough messages which are accumulated and need immediate attention. Switching between English and German language comes at ease to Christian and he does it without even realizing it. 

Soon after a long telephonic conversation with a customer, Christian has a meeting with the chief technical officer and production head in his office. The next meeting is with the software team. 

He believes in an open-door policy and is available for answering any queries the entire day. "The best way to have a good working environment is to have happy and engaged employees that enjoy being where they are and working for the company that they work for. I like seeing my office staff come to work with a smile," he says. It is a deliberate decision of all the partners to grow steadily and not sporadically. "I do not want to be CEO of a company where I do not know the names of all my employees." 

Lunch time, 12 noon, is another opportunity for Christian to engage socially with all the employees. After lunch, Christian starts working on data sheets. He prefers to work with his headphones on so that he is not distracted. While working on some strategies, Christian prefers to listen to jazz because it helps him focus better. And for relaxing he likes Austrian classical music. Around 3.30 he speaks to the marketing manager about the product list. He has a brief meeting with the project manager about the new CMS tool. And finally, the last few working hours of the day are primarily occupied in checking the company growth and thinking of a roadmap. 

Between 7.30 pm - 8 pm, Christian calls it a day. The rest of the evening, he spends cooking with his wife or watching tv before retiring.

A day in the life of CFO...


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Monday, 25 September 2017