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Cubro Launches Hotfixes

Hotfixes are small updates for fixing bugs or implementing minor features that do not have any major change on the function of the device. They can be applied without a reboot and all rules remain the same.

How to apply hotfixes on the device?

Hotfixes can be applied via CLI from Software Version If you are using an older version, then you need to do a full upgrade to have access to hotfix upgrades. After you have hotfixes applied, the future hotfixes can be done using the Web UI.

When you apply a hotfix, the Web UI is shut down and replaced and the new version of the Web UI is started automatically. The system does not need a reboot.

Why are hotfixes better than upgrades?

  • No reboot
  • No interruption of traffic
  • No downtime of the device
  • Port counter remains unaffected
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Monday, 25 September 2017