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Success Story: Redefining Network Visibility in the Data Center With Cubro

About the Data Center
The client, a data center, serves as the principal repositories for all IT equipment, including servers, storage subsystems, networking switches, routers, and firewalls, as well as the cabling and physical racks used to organize and interconnect the IT equipment. Businesses typically rely heavily on the applications, services, and data contained within a data center, making it a focal point and critical asset for everyday operations.

Network Visibility Challenges
The major challenge in the data center was to get network visibility and prevent data center downtime. The data center has multiple applications running in many different environments. There is always a pressure to deliver high application availability with zero downtime. In the data center, applications and the associated data traverse the networked infrastructure 24x7 providing critical services to both internal and external users. Today’s data centers are increasingly complex with many different technologies working together at faster speeds than ever before. The rate of change occurring in the data center impacts network monitoring in several ways. New services and applications are being deployed on a regular basis, and application-aware network management and monitoring systems must be updated to properly recognize and track them. Scalability represents a key challenge to network monitoring tools, as physical network speeds continue to rise at an exponential rate.

Cubro Solution
Cubro provided network packet broker to the data center. The primary focus of the Cubro solution was to provide direct application visibility, via deep network visibility, sustained monitoring, and performance analytics. With complete visibility and secure access, the data center reduced downtime and time to resolution of complex data center issues that benefitted all internal and external users. Cubro’s network visibility solutions are scalable to accommodate increasing volumes of activity. They are flexible and adaptable to provide visibility into a constantly changing mix of applications and services.

“We had multiple applications running in many different environments. We are always under pressure to deliver high application availability with zero downtime. After using Cubro products, we are able to provide better customer experience. By reducing downtime, we have managed to increase our ROI.”

Success Story: Cubro Probe Provides Lawful Interception Solution to the Defence Organization

"With Cubro’s Packetmasters and Probes, we have been able to improve our services as we are able to capture the traffic and identify the problem. Cubro products have provided multiple secure data environments for our organisation."

This is a case study of a leading defense and security organization which is using Cubro products/solutions. The name of the organization is not mentioned due to the confidentiality agreement.

Network Visibility Challenges
The security agency requires real-time awareness and an understanding of all data traversing the network. The increased traffic and lack of network visibility is a big challenge and makes it difficult to perform well. Understanding of entire network behaviour is crucial to pinpoint any abnormal activity and detect unauthorized or suspicious application activity. And while doing this, the organization cannot afford to lose sensitive data. Therefore, the organization was looking for the right tools which would provide both application level awareness and rich network session details.

Cubro Solution
The organization deployed Cubro products to solves these challenges. Cubro’s portfolio solutions in the Lawful Interception field include Probes which can be conveniently customized to enable the organisation to implement the Lawful Interception of content according to the specific requirements.

Cubro’s Probe captures full layer 2 through 7 packet header and payloads from each session for a complete record of network activity. The Probe utilizes on board network processors, which are highly optimized CPU's that allow the probe to easily handle high bandwidth network traffic with no lost or dropped packets. All information is organized by session, providing full context of application communications and content transferred across the network. By deriving a rich set of fully searchable meta data, network monitoring tools provide rapid access to highly valuable data, resulting in the rapid and in-depth understanding of network activity.

  • Load balancing in all layers
  • Packet filtering in all 7 OSI layers
  • Packet modification in all 7 OSI layers
  • Keyword search
  • Regular Expression search
  • Probing application
  • Network statistics